Uncommon Grains offers a terrific line of gluten-free baked goods including

fresh baked breads, cookies, crackers, cakes and tarts. We use fresh, organic

ingredients and make every effort to purchase produce from area farmers and

cheese from local makers whenever possible. There is no room for

preservatives or trans fats in any of our recipes.

our uncommon approach

A gluten-free diet used to mean going without certain foods or having to

adjust to dry and tasteless “good enough” options. These days, however,

for those wanting to decrease or eliminate gluten from their diets,

there are more options than ever. Everything from gluten-free cookies

and cakes to pizza and pasta is available at most large grocery stores,

and some of these products actually have the taste and texture one would

expect from their gluten-containing counterparts. Unfortunately, the majority

of these products are also full of preservatives and empty calories.

Take a look at those ingredients—chances are you’ll see a long list of

starches and modified this-and-that. So much for a healthier diet.

Unlike the mass-produced gluten-free products, Uncommon Grains’ products

contain no preservatives, no trans-fats and no artificial ingredients.

As one happy customer described it, “No creepy stuff!”

Uncommon Grains’ products are made with just that, uncommon grains.

Yes, grains. Healthy whole grains.

Check out our idea of wholesome and satisfying ingredients:



Our Uncommon Mission is to create products that people want to eat,

whether they are avoiding gluten or not. We hear it all the time...

“Wow, that’s gluten-free? But it’s so good! I never would have guessed.”


Uncommon Grains

gluten-free goodness for all


To ask an uncommon question or talk about all things ungluten, 
or call us at 216.218.8142. For timely updates and to find our

current market locations, visit our Facebook page.


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